Operation Chilly Grinding Plant


We are manufacturing and exporting 3 Operation Chilly Grinding Plant, which have great demand among our clients. Our ranges of 3 Operation Chilly Grinding Plant are developed of high quality materials and so require low maintenance. These machines are automatic so are extremely easy to operate and also cost effective for our clients.

Specification of Chilly Grinding Plants with chili cleaning system

  • Consists of 5 No’s Of Screw Conveyor (material lifting from one machine to another)
  • Chili Cleaning Machine 1 No. removes Dust, nails, stones and hard particles from Chili
  • Suction Blower sucks the cleaned chili from cleaning machine and throws the chilly
  • To first Grinding Machine -> through screw conveyor -> second Grinding Machine->
  • And then -> third Grinding Machine here you get the final product (fine powder) final product And 3 No’s of Micro Pulverisers (Grinder) for 3 stage Grinding of Chili if mixer is attached to the Plant final product store into the mixer (oil mixing tap is provided) and cooling of fine powder also takes place before bagging in the Mixer. It is a continuous process of Grinding and only 3-4 men’s required while running the plant.

Plant Available in Capacities : (Moisture Content should be 10%)

  • 250-300 Kgs Per Hour
  • 450-500 Kgs Per Hour
  • 900-1000 Kgs Per Hour